Vision & Mission
At Vijaya, we are guided by our vision and philosophy of:

Offering reliable and accurate diagnostic services to our customers, at affordable prices, in a customer centric manner

Keeping pace with the technological advances in diagnostics and offering our customers access to the latest developments in diagnostic medicare

Complying with the most stringent quality and ethical norms and ensuring a human touch to our services

There was a time when diagnostic services was considered a subset of the hospital industry and in many cases, patients had to visit different centres to get required investigations undertaken. Dr Reddy had the vision of setting up Vijaya, where all diagnostic modalities were offered under one roof, in a unbiased and independent manner, for the convenience of the patient.

Diagnostic services play a critical role in the maintenance and management of health by

 Offering a variety of screening and preventive tests and allowing for early diagnosis of a disease

 Enabling doctors and clinicians to accurately identify and diagnose a disease

 Aid in monitoring the prognosis of a disease under treatment

Remember, in most cases, early diagnosis of a disease, can make all the difference! And, at Vijaya, we have not compromised on any aspects of the facility, team or infrastructure and ensured that we provide our patients access to the latest in diagnostic technology, enabling the concept of preventive heathcare.

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