Vision & Mission
At Vijaya, we are guided by our vision and philosophy of

Offering reliable and accurate diagnostic services to our customers, at affordable prices, in a customer centric manner

Keeping pace with the technological advances in diagnostics and offering our customers access to the latest developments in diagnostic medicare

Complying with the most stringent quality and ethical norms and ensuring a human touch to our services

Today, at Vijaya, our lab services offerings encompass a wide range of investigations from routine tests to highly specialized ones, not offered by other hospitals or laboratories. Typically, most specialized investigations require huge capital investments in equipment, in addition to requiring highly skilled and trained technical staff to undertake these investigations. On the other hand, these tests may not be required in large volumes leading to cost inefficiencies and making it unviable for most hospitals or laboratories to offer these investigations.

Vijaya offers a comprehensive test menu covering the key disciplines of conventional lab services

  Clinical Biochemistry
  Clinical Pathology
  Histopathology & Cytopathlogy

We offer a complete spectrum of services from routine tests such as CBP or Blood Glucose to highly specialized investigations for infectious diseases, cancer markers, hormonal assays, therapeutic drug assays etc.

Each individual discipline is headed by experienced, professionally qualified medical doctors supported by a team of qualified and trained technologists.

All quantitative investigations are undertaken on fully automated state of art the analyzers, which eliminate the chance of any human error.

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